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Kids, Colour, Creativity

Art workshops for children from 2 years to Primary 7 providing fun, skills and creativity.

Art Bubble is an exciting new series of art workshops devised for children from three years to Primary 7 stage. The workshops are the creation of a fully qualified, highly experienced, practising Primary Teacher who has had a life-long passion for art, design and creativity in both her own artwork and within the classroom. Within the Art Bubble programme, children are encouraged and motivated to explore new skills while experimenting with their own creative thinking. In doing so, they gain greater insight into problem-solving as well as enhancing their confidence in developing new skills in a positive and fun environment.

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The foundation of Art Bubble is to explore new skills while nurturing creativity through fun and stimulating sessions!

There are programmes for pre-school children (2-5 years), P.1-3 and also P.4-7 stages. Each programme explores skills such as print-making, painting techniques, drawing, model-making and 3D construction. The pre-school programme centres on music, drama and story-telling as the stimulus for creativity. All workshops are tailor-made in accordance with Curriculum for Excellence guidelines in order to provide challenge, breadth and progression. Art Bubble also provides opportunities and events in which to showcase and exhibit children’s work. All works of art are welcomed and celebrated!

Art Bubble celebrates fun, uniqueness and creativity!